ʚ.A note from Evie.ɞ

I’m happy and excited to receive blogger packs and blogger applications for stores! However please look through my blog first to see if your store is my style. Most of the time I tend to mix and match outfits for fresh and interesting looks! If you would like for me to blog for you, please understand that every creation may not fit my personal taste and will therefore not be blogged.


Evie Bebe

.Style Card 21.

Star search

Today's style card features:
LeLutka, Tres Blah, Minuet

Cause baby you're a fireeeee work!

I'm wearing:
Outfit: Minuet for Bubblegum Alley
Glasses: Tres Blah
Hair: LeLutka (free gift under Christmas tree for group)

.Style Card 20.

A hazy shade of winter

Today's style card features:
{Petite Bowtique}. Tres Blah, Little Closet, fri.day & LaViere

Feeling a bit hazy today. Shoniqua and I ventured out for some hot cocoa only to find out it was all gone. :(
I'm wearing a coat by {Petite Bowtique} that I paired with glasses from Tres Blah, tights from Little Closet Mary Jane's from fri.day and this adorable free hair from LaViere. Available at the Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt!

.Style Card 19.

Ice ice baby

Today's style card features:
Dura, Atooly, {Dream}, fri.day, Tres Blah &Theosophy

Today Shoniqua and I decided to go for a little stroll on the sim. I'm wearing the sweetest outfit from {Dream}! I paired it with hair from Dura, (old hunt gift) headband from Atooly, glasses from Tres Blah, leggings by {Dream} and Mary Janes from fri.day. Shoniqua is from Theosophy and was for 50L Friday. <3

.Style Card 18.

Fabulous Fashionistas

Today's style card features:
Minuet, Tres Blah, Analog Dog, {Dream of Clouds}, Atooly, Cae, Gos Boutique, 
Wasabi Pills & ColdLogic

Today I went over to my gorgeous GodMommy's and to both our surprises, we were wearing the same colors! I knew that meant it was blog time.
I am wearing this fabulous new outfit from Minuet available at the Heritage Gift Shop. I paired it with a headband from Atooly, glasses from Tres Blah, shoes from fri.day, tights from {Dream of Clouds} and what has become my new fav hair from Analog Dog. The hair is HEAVILY modded by me though.

My GodMommy Sylvia is wearing a dress by ColdLogic, hair from Wasabi Pills, necklace by Cae & heels from Gos Boutique. <3

.Style Card 17.

Little Snow Bears

Today's style card features:
{Petite Bowtique}, .click., Little Closet, Wasabi Pills, Madeleine's, kik & [monso]

Today the bestie {Petite Bowtique} and I decided to go sledding in these adorable new bear suits she made for Heritage Gacha Garden. They come in a variety of color options and she even made matching booties which you can win as well!
My outfit I paired with hair from Wasabi Pills, glasses from kik, earmuffs by Madeleine's (also available at Heritage Gacha Garden), scarf  & mittens from .click. and headband from Little Closet.
Ryleigh paired hers with a scarf she made, kik glasses, headband from Little Closet, hair from [monso] and mittens by .click. <3

.Style Card 16.

Keep sparkling

Today's style card features:
-Marmelade-, [monso], D!va, Tres Blah

Okay I'll admit it, I have a serious doll problem! This month for the Heritage Gacha Garden, SunAnn Jewell of -Marmelade- made the most precious porcelain dolls. They are also only L$37 per play! This lovely black sequined dress is also by -Marmelade- for the upcoming Winter Festival opening on the 8th. I paired it with this super cute updo from D!va, available exclusively at The Arcade, glasses from Tres Blah and headband from [monso]. <3

.Style Card 15.

Evie Swag

Today's style card features:
Baby Swag, Boogers, Lamb, Nylon Outfitters, {Petite Bowtique}, Glitter Outfitters, Tres Blah, Noodles, Yummy & [Little Nerds]

So, over the weekend Glitter Outfitters had this huge half off sale of her entire store. I saw this outfit and knew it had to be mine. I mean hello, pink and leopard! I paired it with a turtleneck from {Petite Bowtique}, glasses from Tres Blah, my all time fav updo from Lamb, hair rose & necklace from Nylon Outfitters, earrings from Noodles & boots from [Little Nerds]. My sweet ride is from Baby Swag. I love this store too but unfortunately for me, they only make stuff for TD babies atm. My arm candy is from Boogers, as well as the Paparazzi bear taking my picture. You can get them both at The Arcade. Finally my fat diamond ring is from Yummy and was a gift from my honey boo. *coughs* Thanks Zen! ;)
<3 Evie

.Style Card 14.

Gone fishin

Today's style card features:
Boogers, tram, Tres Blah, {Pipo} & Sleepy Eddy

Today I logged in to the most awesometastic thing ever! A blogger invite for Boogers! Zen made the most BRILLIANT bears ever for December's Arcade gacha. Here I am, hanging out with my honey Daryl Dixon trying to catch us some dinner. We decided the best way to catch some fish was to use Miley as bait! Of course, Michonne is protecting us from the walker. I am wearing a zombie love outfit by {Pipo}, my glasses from Tres Blah, hair from tram & hat from Sleepy Eddy (past Arcade). <3

.Style Card 13.

Little snow bunny

Today's style card features:
Bebe'Licious, .click., Dura, Babydolls Boutique, Tres Blah, Willow & *Munchkin Toes*

This outfit is an oldie but goodie! The cute bunny sweater and tights are from the store *Munchkin Toes* by Dork Melodie. I think she rebranded though, because I can't seem to find her in world. I paired it with a little tutu I made (Bebe'Licious), a scarf from .click., ear muffs from an old gacha by Willow and my favorite neutral uggs by Babydolls Boutique. Of course my glasses are from Tres Blah and hair from Dura. <3

.Style Card 12.

It's only Rock n Roll

Today's style card features:
That's so {Kyoot}, Amame, Dura, Bebe'Licious, VCO, Maxi Gossamer, Roadrunners Creations, Auxilary, & *Sew Cute*

Today is a special blog day for me. My Bubbyboo Alex was on, so I grabbed him up and told him he was gonna be in a blog with me :P

He is wearing this totally hip outfit by That's So {Kyoot}, which he paired with some shoes from Amame, matchstick from Roadrunners Designs and hair from Dura.

I'm wearing an outfit by *Sew Cute* which I paired with a tutu I made (Bebe'Licious), boots from -Marmelade-, pearls from Maxi Gossamer, hair from Dura glasses from VCO and a slouchy hair bow from Auxilary. <3

.Style Card 11.

Sweet September

Today's style card features:
-Marmelade-, D!va, Boogers, fri.day, +Half-Deer+, Nylon Outfitters & Tres Blah

I love love love this outfit! It's so cozy and cute! It's called September from -Marmelade-. I paired it with hair from D!va, my glasses from Tres Blah, hair rose from Nylon Outfitters, necklace from +Half-Deer+, jeans from Boogers and tan Mary Janes (tinted to match the cardigan) from fri.day. <3

.Style Card 10.

A little sheepy

Today's style card features:
Babydolls Boutique, Tres Blah, fri.day, {Sugar Heart}, tram & Tee*fy

Today I thought I would wear one of my fav outfits, which I wear regularly. It's called Shawna and comes from Babydolls Boutique. I paired it with this adorable sheep hate from Tee*fy, hair from tram, glasses from Tres Blah and Mary Janes from fri.day.  My heart tattoo is from {Sugar Heart}.<3

.Style Card 9.

Playing in the leaves

Today's style card features:
Little Closet, {Petite Bowtique}. tram. Tres Blah, [monso], Inner Peace, Bebe'Licious, Turducken, Atooly, [kik] & .click.

Today I decided to play dress up with my bestie and have fun with some leaves!
I'm wearing hair from tram, headband from Atooly, glasses from Tres Blah, undershirt & scarf from {Petite Bowtique}. My shirt, shorts and leggings are Little Closet and the boots are from my store Bebe'Licious.

Ry is wearing hair from [monso], ear muffs and mittens from .click., glasses from [kik] undershirt by her {Petite Bowtique}, shirt & shorts by Little Closet, leggings from Turducken and boots from Inner Peace. <3

.Style Card 8.


Today's style card features:
{Petite Bowtique}, Minuet, Tres Blah, fri.day & ploom

I love classic style dresses. So, when my bestie (owner of Petite Bowtique) made this dress, I fell in love! Terri comes in 3 different colors and includes the dress, headband, tights, belt and shoes. I opted instead to pair it with my red Mary Janes from fri.day and my glasses from Tres Blah. My hair is my new favorite from ploom. That adorable sign behind me, the lovely Lauren Minuet made it! She is taking custom orders for just L$50 too so make sure to send her an IM if you'd like one. <3

.Style Card 7.

A little geeky

Today's style card features:
Forever Young, {Glitter Outfitters} .click., .ploom., [monso], .:*December*:., Pixel Products & .Sew Cute.

Today as I was shopping for Lazy Sunday kids, I came across another cute store called Forever Young. There are SO many cute outfits it was hard to pick just one to blog about. I decided to go with Geeky. I paired it with one of my fav scarves from .click., glasses from .:*December*:., headband from [monso], denim skirt from {Glitter Outfitters}, hair from .ploom., tights from .Sew Cute., and boots from Pixel Products. <3

.Style Card 6.

Here kitty kitty

Today's style card features:
 -Marmelade-, Little Closet, {Petite Bowtique}, tram, Turducken, Cae & Tres Blah

My dear friend SunAnn Jewell has the sweetest little store called -Marmelade-.  I have been a HUGE fan since her very first design.  She makes most, if not all of her own mesh and everything is so well done. Today I am wearing the kitty kitty sweater, shoes and head band. I paired it with my fav tweed pants from Turducken, tabby scarf from Little Closet, Tres Blah glasses, my Mama's fav hair on me from tram, necklace by Cae and soft kitty face from {Petite Bowtique}. <3

.Style Card 5.

Fall down, dust yourself off and get back up again

Today's style card features:
Little Closet, {Petite Bowtique}, <:*Boogers*:>, Dura Dura, {Millie Bee}, Mogli's  & [kik]

 Little Closet has been my go to store since it opened.  The clothing has that vintage look I love so much and everything is just SO adorable! Today I am wearing my Woodland Cape - Tribal RARE, Bleached Denim Shorts and Knit Polka Dots Leggings in Cream from Little Closet. You can find the cape and adorable Trike at the Woodland Treasures Gacha event going on now. Everything else is available in her main store. I paired it with this home made head dress from <:*Boogers*:>. You can find it here at the Atooly fall event. My glasses are from [kik], hair is from Dura Dura, warpaint is from a little store on market called Mogli's,  scarf is from my bestie's store, {Petite Bowtique} and boots are from {Millie Bee}. <3

.Style Card 4.

My Safe Place

Today's style card features:
{Glitter Outfitters}, Turducken, fri.day, Tres Blah, "D!va" &  *Little Bits* Inc

Another one of my favorite stores for us TD kids is {Glitter Outfitters}. I saw this dress, which comes in two other colors at the store, and knew it had to be mine! I paired it with one of my fav hair styles from "D!va", a big slouchy bow from *Little Bits* Inc, knee high socks from Turducken, glasses from Tres Blah and my kitty Mary Jane's from fri.day. My baby doll is also from Turducken. Her name is Hattie. <3

.Style Card 3.

Baby it's cold outside!

Today's style card features:
*Baby Pie*, :) BCC., Tres Blah, {Sugar Hearts}, fri.day & {Dream of Clouds}

Since the weather here in RL is bitter cold, I decided I wanted to get all bundled up in SL and do some exploring. I knew this meant I got to wear my favorite coat from *Baby Pie*! Gabby makes the sweetest things for us Toddleedoo's. I paired it with the cutest hat from :) BCC., heart tattoo from {Sugar Garden} and my glasses from Tres Blah. I LOVE these tights from {Dream of Clouds}. They are so delicate and are perfect for my fox Mary Jane's from fri.day. Lastly, my curly hair is from tram.<3

.Style Card 2.

Oh Deer!

Today's style card features:
Forever Young, Turducken, Little Closet, [kik], Wasabi Pills, {Sugar Heart}, Cae & *MishMish*

My look today is inspired by this adorable hat I found at the Thrift Shop by Forever Young. I just absolutely LOVE it so much! I paired it with  my [kik] glasses, heart tattoo from {Sugar Heart}, necklace by Cae, deer scarf from Little Closet, hair from Wasabi Pills and the cutest outfit called Lucas from Turducken. You can't see in the pic, but it has suspenders too! Lastly my forest friends are from *MishMish*. <3

.Style Card 1.

YAY my first blog post!

Today's style card features:
 Minuet, Little Closet, Bebe'Licious, Monso & -Laviere-, Tres Blah, Cae & 
{Dream of Clouds}
One of my favorite TD stores (Minuet) made me this custom sweatshirt which I absolutely adore! You can find similar styles at the November round of the Heritage Gacha Garden. I paired it with some shorts from Little Closet, lace tights from a new store I found on market called {Dream of Clouds} and my fav Uggs from my store Bebe'Licious. My hair is from
-LaViere-headband is from Monso, glasses Tres Blah and my necklace is from Cae. <3