ʚ.A note from Evie.ɞ

I’m happy and excited to receive blogger packs and blogger applications for stores! However please look through my blog first to see if your store is my style. Most of the time I tend to mix and match outfits for fresh and interesting looks! If you would like for me to blog for you, please understand that every creation may not fit my personal taste and will therefore not be blogged.


Evie Bebe

.Style Card 57.

My own little Fairy tale...

Today's style card features:
Blues, Enfant Terrible, Sleepy Eddy, Turducken, Forever Young, Nylon Outfitters, Tee*fy, Boogers and Snips & Snails

Today was a happy shopping day for me. Imani from Forever Young released some super cute dresses and Turducken released some adorable sloths! I paired it with this awesome crown my Bobbly got me from Enfant Terrible. As soon as I placed it on my head, I knew what I wanted to create. I chose some of my favorite bear friends from Boogers. They are available now at The Arcade. I hopped in my fav car, (this cute little retro taxi from Snips & Snails which can also be found at this rounds Arcade) and let my imagination take me to a castle far, far away. 

Hair: Blues - Annie
Dress: Forever Young - Amelia (Pugs)
Crown: Enfant Terrible - Crown RARE
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters - Ms. Smooshface (Past Arcade)
Glasses: Sleepy Eddy - Wooden glasses
Tights & Sloth: Turducken - Bow tights (black) Light Sloth
Boots: Tee*fy - Chelsea Boots Red Polka Dots

.Style Card 56.

New home...

Today's style card features:
Blues, .trinket., Little Closet, .Aisling.,Turducken and Tee*fy

This round of The Arcade has yet to disappoint! Being the huge kitty lover I am, I knew the fat kitty from .Aisling. was sure to be mine. Luckily for me, I have a pretty amazing GodMommy who picked her up for me. It took me a while to think of a proper name for such a beautiful Duchess, but I finally decided on Sheba. Now she has a home full of other animal friends to keep her company and plenty of snuggles. Also can we take a minute to gawk over this hair and these boots! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much! Blues is a new hair store by the lovely Elissakkbye. She has several styles out so be sure to check her out in world. The boots are from Tee*fy and are at The Arcade. If you are a boot lover like myself, you HAVE to have these!

Hair: Blues - Annie
Hair bow: .trinket. - Shabby Floral Hair Bow (Past Limited 50)
Dress: Little Closet: Ruffle Dress - Cotton/Pink
Tights: Turducken: Bow tights - White
Boots: Tee*fy - Chelsea Boots - Bloom (The Arcade)

.Style Card 55.

Do you believe in magic...

Today's style card features:
Boogers, Turducken, Tres Blah, Spellbound, {lma}, Atomic & "+SD Lo*momo+" 

Hi everyone!
Can you believe The Arcade is almost upon us again? Are you ready? Zen from Boogers is making the final round of his beloved bears and let me tell you, they do NOT disappoint! Today I'm featuring "Fly Away Bear". Isn't he just too precious!?

Shirt & Tights - Turducken
Skirt - Tres Blah
Shoes - {lma}
Hair - Spellbound
Ribbon - "+SD Lo*momo+" 
Collar - Atomic
Fly Away Bear - Boogers (Coming soon to The Arcade)

.Style Card 54.

Reach for the stars...

Today's style card features:
Just Kidding, Bebe'Licious, Spellbound, Tres Blah, Petite Bowtique & "+SD Lo*momo+" 

Just Kidding released some summer bathing suits just in time for camp!
They are available in a variety of patterns/colors and also you can choose between one piece or two.

I am wearing the one piece in "Clouds", which I paired with a tutu I made (Bebe'Licious), tights from Petite Bowtique, hair from Spellbound, hair ribbon from "+SD Lo*momo+"  (it's part of a hair but the ribbon is separate) and glasses from Tres Blah.

.Style Card 53.

Just peachy...

Today's style card features:
Just Kidding, Tres Blah & Love Soul

Just Kidding released some really cute footie pajamas just in time for camp! They come in a variety of cabin colors, and are oh so cozy. You can find them at the official camp store.

.Style Card 52.

First, let me take a selfie...

Today's style card features:
Boom, Truth, Tram, Bebe'Licious, Tres Blah, TSG, Little Closet, Babydolls, 
{Ima}, Shutterbugs & Just Classic

I love taking pictures. So when I saw this adorable pose for FLF from Shutterbugs called Selfie, I knew exactly what I had to do!

Hair: Truth - Sakura 1 Side {The Arcade}
Hair Flower: Boom - By any other name {White}
Glasses: Tres Blah
Phone: TSG - Keitai Flip Phone Beary san White {The Arcade}
Lace Collar: Tram - Scallop Collar
Mini Dress: Just Classic - Bunneh
Shorts: Little Closet - Anchor Shorts {Bubblegum}
Skirt Overlay & Belt: Bebe'Licious - Sweet Lil Susie Dress
Ruffle Socks: Babydolls - Samantha Outfit
Shoes: {Ima} -  T Strap Flats in Blue Floral 
{IM Giselle Melune to purchase}

.Style Card 51.

Cause baby I'm a star...

Today's style card features:

Snips & Snails, Tres Blah, LeLutka, Just Kidding, Trinket, Bebe'Licious, Boogers & Minuet

Hello lovelies! Last night I got bored and decided to put on my own little talent show. 
Boogers made this absolutely ADORABLE backyard stage that I have in my playroom. It comes in a variety of colors and is really a must have for up and coming stars like myself.
I'm wearing my new favorite hat. Okay actually it's not really a hat, it's my Mama's colander, but it's still fabulous! I paired it with the latest hair from LeLutka, glasses by Tres Blah, necklace from Trinket, tank from Minuet, briefs and socks from Snips & Snails and cape by me. (Bebe'Licious) Oh yeah! My boo boo's on my knees are from Just Kidding. Seriously, the best band aide appliers out there. I think that's all for today. Keep shining!

.Style Card 50.

Little tourist...

Today's style card features:

Tram, Pr!tty, Koala Kisses, Tres Blah, Cae, Snips & Snails, Glitter Outfitters, Des Lunes, Just Kidding, Trinket & Yummy

Soooo, a lot has been happening in my SL which forced me to take a little break from blogging. My Mama & I got a full SIM and have opened a little town & soon a new elementary school for us kids! I am slowly getting back into things now. Thank you SO much for your patience and bearing with me. <3

Onto today's look!
Pr!tty made these cute little headbands for the Hello Sunshine event. They are L$40 per play and utterly adorbs! I paired it with my fav hair from Tram, necklace from Cae, THE ABSOLUTE BEST JACKET EVER MADE FOR TODDLEEDOOS by Snips & Snails, shorts from Little Closet, stockings from Des Lunes & my new favorite sandals by Just Kidding. You can find these at the Family Flea Market. They are also available in ALL sizes! (Adults included)
Bracelets are from Trinkets and can be found at the Fiction & Fables event.

.Style Card 49.

A day for Mama...

Today's style card features:
Clawtooth, The Secret Store, Hucci, Tres Blah, Tram, LaGyo, [so] Cute * Sweet Tots

There are times only when a Mother's love
Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappointments
And calm all our fears.

There are times when only a Mother's Love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we've dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real.

There are times when only a Mother's faith
Can help on life's way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day.

For a Mother's heart and a Mother's faith
And a Mother's steadfast love
Were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above...


Hair: Clawtooth
Glasses: Tres Blah
Dress: The Secret Store
Shoes: Hucci

Hair: Tram
Headband: LaGyo
Glasses: Tres Blah
Dress: [so] Cute
Scarf & Shoes: Sweet Tots

.Style Card 48.

Fictions & Fables...

Today's style card features:
Analog Dog, {Sleepy Eddy}, Just Kidding, Baby Pie & TokiD

Tonight Heritage's monthly event, Fictions & Fables reopens with it's May goodies. Just Kidding made some really sweet lacey tanks this time, along with a wearable little plush caterpillar! The tanks are available in an assortment of colors.

Hair: Analog Dog
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy}
Tank: Just Kidding (May's round of Fictions & Fables)
Shorts: Baby Pie
Shoes: TokiD

.Style Card 47.

It's been a while...

Today's style card features:
(Milana), Monso, [Little Nerds], Just Kidding & {Sleepy Eddy}

Hair band: Monso
Hair: (Milana)
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy}
Shirt: [Little Nerds]
Pants & Shoes: Just Kidding

.Style Card 46.

 You make me smile...

Today's style card features:
Analog Dog, (Nylon Outfitters), Tres Blah, Baby Pie, (Yummy), 
Des Lunes & Just Kidding

Today Charlotte & I headed to one of my favorite SIMS, Happy Mood. It's so special and magical. <3

Baby Pie - Zahara (Limited 50)
Shoes: Just Kidding - Baby Jesus Sandals (Apricot)
Jewelry: (Yummy)
Glasses: Tres Blah
Hair Rose: (Nylon Outfitters)
Sloth: Des Lunes (This month's Family Flea Market)

.Style Card 45.

Pretty little lady...

Today's style card features:
Lamb, Tres Blah, Nylon Outfitters, (Yummy), Tres Blah, Little Closet & Schadenfreude

Hair: Lamb
Glasses: Tres Blah
Hair Rose: Nylon Outfitters
Necklace & Earrings: (Yummy)
Dress: Little Closet (Limited 50)
Shoes: Schadenfreude (Collabor 88)

.Style Card 44.

Swallowed in the sea...

Today's style card features:
Lamb, Just Kidding  & TokiD

Dress: Just Kidding: Free Spirit Dress (Blue Pattern)
*Available at The Family Flea Market
Hair: Lamb - Lovage
Shoes: TokiD - Gladiator Sandals (Brown)

.Style Card 43.

A little spunky...

Today I have 2 style cards I will be featuring!

First one:
-LaViere-, Tres Blah, Just Kidding, Minuet, Oh La La & Balkanik

Second one:
Kari, -LaViere-, {Sleepy Eddy}, Comic Nerdz, Snips & Snails & Balkanik

I am running SO behind with blogging due to a SIM move, so I wanted to squeeze a few goodies into one today.
There is a new kids event at Heritage called Fiction & Fables. Just Kidding does NOT disappoint! I am in love with these watercolor tees. So artsy and cute! I paired it with my new fav jeans from Minuet available at this month's Family Flea Market and my new fav sneakers from Balkanik. (Available at TMD) The art bag is from Oh La La's gacha at this month's The Chapter Four. Although I will warn you, play at your own risk! 

The next look was a little 80's inspired. Comic Nerdz released some adorable Easter outfits and I knew I needed this Floral suit! I paired it with another pair of my fav jeans, this time from Snips & Snails (available at The Family Flea Market), hat is an oldie from Kari and shoes by Balkanik. Oh yeah, my glasses are of course, {Sleepy Eddy}. 

.The Family Flea Market.

Tropical paradise...

Today's style card features:
DesLunes, Snips & Snails, Minuet, .Trinket., {u.f.o}, Chemistry, VCO,
{Sleepy Eddy} & Balkanik

The Family Flea Market has arrived and it is GLORIOUS!
Seriously, there are SO many fabulous finds there, here are just a few.


Hat: VCO - Sweety girl (Blue Check)
Hair: Chemistry - Buttons
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy} - Boston Glasses (Wood)
Necklace: {u.f.o} - pori polaroid camera - white/green
Shirt: Snips & Snails - Heathered Tanks (Berry Stripes) 
*Available @ The Family Flea Market
Jeans: Minuet - Flare Jeans (Stone Wash)
*Available @ The Family Flea Market
Bracelet: .Trinket. - Bicycle Bracelet (Rose Gold)
*Available @ The Family Flea Market
Sloth: Des Lunes - Sunshine the sloth
*Available @ The Family Flea Market
*Available @ The Mens Dept

.Style Card 42.

Chicks love cash...

Today's style card features:
Lil Big Me, Magika & The Family Gathering

Lil Big Me released this cute dress up set called Rich Mister. It comes loaded with accessories, like the top hat, stache, monocle, cane & cash! I paired it with a suit I got a long time ago from The Family Gatherings. The sir baby chick on my shoulder is available at The Easter Festival here.

.All the little things April 1 round. {Pt 1}

All the little things April

This month's theme for All the little things is Game Of Thrones!
I mixed up a few outfits that are available there.

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Hair Bow: Cooties at Cutie Moon Fair
Glasses, Shirt & Shoes: That's So {Kyoot} - I'm a Khaleesi outfit
Shorts: Forever Young
Leggings: Oh My Sparkles - Fire can not kill a dragon outfit

Taxi: to All the little things!

.Style Card 41.

Spring has sprung...

Today's style card features:
~Bebe'Licious~, Cooties , Boogers, Tres Blah, Analog Dog & (Yummy)

Woodland Treasures Gacha has arrived and with it brings lots of cute goodies to celebrate Spring! These adorable eggs are from Boogers and the sparkly basket is from Cooties. Here is your taxi for Woodland Treasures. <3

Hair: Analog Dog - Bayou
Hair Rose: ~Bebe'Licious~ - Hair Rose Gacha (Hot Pink)
Glasses: Tres Blah - Cat Eye Glasses (Pale Pink)
Bracelet: (Yummy) - Heart Locket
Outfit: ~Bebe'Licious~ - Sweet Lil Susie Dress (Pink & Mint)

.Style Card 40.

Because I'm happy...

Today's style card features:
Magika, {Sleepy Eddy}, boon, Glitter Outfitters, Minuet, Baby Pie

Hair: Magika
Hair Flower: boon
Glasses & Boots: {Sleepy Eddy}
Under shirt: Glitter Outfitters
Tank: Minuet
Pants: Baby Pie

.Style Card 39.

Book Mobile...

Today's style card features:
*H+K*, Magika, {Sleepy Eddy}, Shakeup, Yummy, Marmelade & .Click.

There is a new event coming to SL starting in April called The Family Flea Market and from the items I have seen, I am totally stoked! Today I'm giving you a sneak peek at Marmelade's little Library Truck. It comes in at 13 LI and is loaded with 9 animations for you.  I just adore this and know you will too!

Hat: *H+K* - Spring straw hat (mini)
Bandaide: Shakeup - Nose Bandaides
Hair: Magika - Shine
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy} - Boston Glasses (Wood)
Dress: Marmelade - Zoe (Flowers)
Camera Neckalce : Marmelade - Camera Travel (Hot air balloon)
Boots: {Sleepy Eddy} - Engineer Boots (Gray)

.Style Card 38.

Evie's Clubhouse

Today's style card features:
Boogers, Just Kidding, {Sleepy Eddy}, Magika & DRD

When I'm not on SL, you can often find me on Steam slaying zombies on L4D2. As you can see, I'm a little zombie obsessed. :)
Anyhoo, onto the blog!
This is your last week to get these truly epic bears from Boogers at The Arcade. If you haven't grabbed them already, you really need to! After this week they will be gone forever. :(
Boogers also created this cool pallet bed for April's up and coming The Family Flea Market event. It's only 5 LI, and has a few cute poses for you to enjoy.  I'm wearing mostly Just Kidding today. She made some really sweet animated bunny ears for April's Woodland Treasures Gacha event and I was lucky enough to snag my fav one on the first try! The hair is from Magika and it has become my new favorite. I don't think I have taken it off since I bought it. <3

Bunny Ears: Just Kidding - Rosey (Woodland Treasures Gacha Event)
Necklace: DRD (The Arcade)
Hair: Magika - Shine
Glasses  & Boots: {Sleepy Eddy}
Outfit: Just Kidding - Vintage Outfit

.Style Card 37.

Picture Purfect...

Today's style card features:
Monso, Magika, Tee*fy, {Sleepy Eddy}, Comic Nerdz & fri.day

.Style Card 36.

Catching toads...

Today's style card features:
VCO, Magika, Tres Blah, (Yummy), Baby Pie, Petite Bowtique, [GOS] & Lil Big Me

Hat: VCO - Mary knit hat (Ivory)
Hair: Magika - Shine
Glasses: Tres Blah - Cat Eye Glasses (pale pink)
Necklace & Bracelet: (Yummy) - Heart Locket
Dress: Baby Pie - Elin Dress
Tights: Petite Bowtique - Sheer Tights (tan)
Wellies: [GOS] - Wellington in Pink (Floral add on)
Props: Lil Big Me - Rainy Day Prank Kit

.Style Card 35.

Little Big World...

Today's style card features:
Atooly, Magika, {Sleepy Eddy}, DRD, Little Closet, The Blossom, Snips & Snails & [.Layover]

Hair bow: Atooly
Hair: Magika
Glasses & Boots: {Sleepy Eddy}
Necklace & Leg Strap: DRD (Available at The Arcade)
Shorts& tights: The Blossom
Backpack: [.Layover]
Skateboard: Snips & Snails (Coming Soon)

.Style Card 34.

Don't stop believing...

Today's style card features:
VCO, Wasabi Pills, {Sleepy Eddy}, Tee*fy, Des Lunes & The Blossom

Hat: VCO - sweety girl hat (black)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Megumi
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy} - Boston Glasses
Snood: Tee*fy: - Freedom
Sweater: Des Lunes - Peeking
Pants: The Blossom - BOYS blah blah blah
Boots: {Sleepy Eddy} - Engineer Boots {Black}

Birth Day

Today, one year ago, my Mama birthed me in SL. I know this sounds totally silly, especially to those not in the family community, but this was one of the most happiest days in all my SL. I admit, the whole "birth" concept used to completely freak me out. I didn't really understand it, or why people would want to do it. To me, it means I am now hers forever and always. I am not just her adopted daughter, I am her "real" daughter in every sense of the word. We share the same skin, shape, eyes and hair color. But more than that, we share a friendship like no other. She is my best friend in both worlds, she is my rock and the glue that holds me together when I am completely falling apart. She teaches me how to be a better person and how not to let such meaningless things bother me so much. I now try and see the world through my Mamaboo's eyes. It is so much brighter and happier with her in it. My life is blessed and I am loved unconditionally.

.Style Card 33.

Tell me a story...

Today's style card features:
pr!tty, Chemistry, {Sleepy Eddy}, Tee*fy, Des Lunes & [bailygirl]

Hair bows: pr!tty
Hair: Chemistry
Snood: Tee*fy
Sweater: Des Lunes
Jeans: [bailygirl]
Glasses, Necklace & Boots: {Sleepy Eddy}

Vespertine, Zigana, Apple Fall

.All the little things March 10 round.

 Event: All the little things

Today's style card features:
Magika, Atooly, Sleepy Eddy, Tres Blah, Just Kidding, RazBerry, ::{u.f.o}::, That's So {Kyoot}, Des Lunes & Baby Pie

Outfit 1:
Hair Bow: Atooly
Hair: Magika
Glasses: Sleepy Eddy
Shirt: Just Kidding (Available @ All the little things)
Leggings: RazBerry
Sneakers: ::{u.f.o}::

Outfit 2:
Hair Bow: Atooly
Hair: Magika
Glasses: Tres Blah
Shirt: That's So {Kyoot} (Part of Sally outfit available @ All the little things)
Bracelets: That's So {Kyoot} (Sally Outfit)
Shorts: Des Lunes
Sandals: Baby Pie

.Style Card 32.

Happy days

Today's style card features:
Snips & Snails, Marmelade, (Yummy) & (fd)

Beanie: Snips & Snails - Pink (Available at Woodlands Gacha)
Hair: (fd) - Moon Buns
Glasses: (Yummy) - Quinn Frames (Ice) 
Clothing & shoes: Marmelade - Ice Cream & Simple Bow

.Style Card 31.

Afternoon delight

Today's style card features:
Boogers, Little Closet, Enfant Terrible, Sleepy Eddy, Tram, Tic Tac Toe, floorplan & DRD

The Arcade is finally here! I have been super busy, as I'm sure most of you have, gaching and shopping like cray trying to get all the things! I decided to take a little shopping break and have a snack with my Puddin Bear (available from Boogers at this rounds Arcade). I am enjoying my Slithering Sam Ice Cream by Tic Tac Toe. Of course Dead Bear (Boogers) was trying to steal our treats, so we decided to sit where he couldn't reach us. :)

Hat: Enfant Terrible - Unique hat from - Scandinavia
Hair: Tram - C 429 A
Glasses: Sleep Eddy - Boston Glasses
Shirt & Shorts: Little Closet
Necklace & Boots: DRD
Walkie Talkie: floorplan - pink
Bears: Boogers
Ice Cream: Tic Tac Toe