ʚ.A note from Evie.ɞ

I’m happy and excited to receive blogger packs and blogger applications for stores! However please look through my blog first to see if your store is my style. Most of the time I tend to mix and match outfits for fresh and interesting looks! If you would like for me to blog for you, please understand that every creation may not fit my personal taste and will therefore not be blogged.


Evie Bebe

.Style Card 47.

It's been a while...

Today's style card features:
(Milana), Monso, [Little Nerds], Just Kidding & {Sleepy Eddy}

Hair band: Monso
Hair: (Milana)
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy}
Shirt: [Little Nerds]
Pants & Shoes: Just Kidding


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