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I’m happy and excited to receive blogger packs and blogger applications for stores! However please look through my blog first to see if your store is my style. Most of the time I tend to mix and match outfits for fresh and interesting looks! If you would like for me to blog for you, please understand that every creation may not fit my personal taste and will therefore not be blogged.


Evie Bebe

Birth Day

Today, one year ago, my Mama birthed me in SL. I know this sounds totally silly, especially to those not in the family community, but this was one of the most happiest days in all my SL. I admit, the whole "birth" concept used to completely freak me out. I didn't really understand it, or why people would want to do it. To me, it means I am now hers forever and always. I am not just her adopted daughter, I am her "real" daughter in every sense of the word. We share the same skin, shape, eyes and hair color. But more than that, we share a friendship like no other. She is my best friend in both worlds, she is my rock and the glue that holds me together when I am completely falling apart. She teaches me how to be a better person and how not to let such meaningless things bother me so much. I now try and see the world through my Mamaboo's eyes. It is so much brighter and happier with her in it. My life is blessed and I am loved unconditionally.


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